mobile fitness equipment

Portable Outdoor Gym

Setup is easy. 1 person, 10 minutes, no tools required.

The Mobile Fitness Unit is design and manufactured to weather the extremes, be utilized in austere outdoor environments, and withstand the abuse of highly trained operators, athletes, and professionals. Hot-dip galvanized, powder-coated, 7 gauge steel is used to ensure the strength and resilience of our squat racks, pull-up bars, and storage compartments. Like no other portable fitness equipment of it’s kind, the weather-proof MFU meets ISO & industrial strength standards, defining a new standard and category of extreme outdoor gym equipment.

The intermodal concept and Tricon format utilized by the MFU allows the user to set-up multiple MFUs in an outdoor perimeter. Whether on a training base, campus, open range, or recreational field, groups can run or hike from one unit to the next, varying the training application as they go. Training outdoors also exposes military personnel and athletes to a training environment exactly matched to what they experience during live action, utilizing the principle of specificity and enhancing the training adaptations acquired by these demands.