mobile fitness equipment

Outdoor Athletic Training Equipment

Setup is easy. 1 person, 10 minutes, no tools required.

Whether it be High School and University Athletic Programs, or Professional Athletic Teams the MFU provides Athletic Directors, Strength Coaches, and Franchise Owners the ability to take sports specific training anywhere. Portable and built for training outdoors, the MFU can be taken on the road for away trips, or brought with a team traveling for off-season training. The option to link multiple MFUs together and position them around the perimeter of a fields and campuses allows a coach to accommodate training an entire football team.

The option to customize your MFU provides additional marketing and advertising value. Proudly display your school’s logo or mascot and display your teams colors for fans to see. Engage the support of fans and the community by directing spectators and crowds to the community, school, or team’s website. Outdoor fitness events, races, and community events are a great place to utilize the MFU to market and promote programs, camps, and up-coming athletic seasons.

Other athletic applications include personally customized MFUs for individual use by pro-athletes, fitness enthusiasts, or Athletic Trainers/Physical Therapists looking to take their services and treatment directly to athletes and teams. For more information on how to customize click here.