mobile fitness equipment

Mobile Military Fitness Equipment

Setup is easy. 1 person, 10 minutes, no tools required.

The Mobile Fitness Unit was designed specifically for Special Forces groups, tactical athletes, and Forward Operating Bases always on the move. Mobile Fitness Equipment, Inc. has proudly supplied US Army Special Forces & The US Air Force with MFUs since it’s inception. Built to suit the needs of any regiment and fully customizable, the MFU is made to accommodate the highest standard of Military PT requirements and ensures that operators maintain extreme combat readiness. The unique portability, versatility, and efficiency of the MFU creates a new innovative category of outdoor mobile military fitness equipment. With the ability to be set-up or broken down in only 15 minutes by 1 operator, the MFU’s pre-assembled swing-out features require no tools or power supply, making it the most efficient and deployable system of it’s kind.

The MFU’s durable and resilient design was engineered to weather the extremes and stand strong in austere outdoor environments. Gone are the days of shipping out with a wooden crate full of random quantities and types of equipment only to lose, damage, or leave behind. The MFU provides 4-fold value in adding field expedient strength training options at home or over-seas:

* Inventory Management: keep track of accessories & training items

* Safe Transportation: lockable, & weather-proof storage for deployment

* Training Apparatus: portable, durable, and effective mobile gym

* Highly Customized: design & customize the right MFU for your regiment