mobile fitness equipment

Mobile Crossfit Gym

Setup is easy. 1 person, 10 minutes, no tools required.

The ability to take group training outdoors & utilize various cross training equipment make the MFU a great value add to CrossFit Gym owners and their members. The MFU allows you to take the WOD right outside the gym, either in the parking lot adjacent to the facility, or in a neighboring park/athletic field. Adding multiple MFU’s to the arsenal of training equipment allows a growing gym to scale it’s operation and accommodate an increasing membership base without the high costs, lengthy time, and permitting associated with building and adding space to a brick and mortar facility. The portability of the MFU also allows you to take it inside, providing a great focal point to train on and around during circuit training and/or METCONs.

Training outdoors adds a unique and exciting element to high intensity group workouts. Utilizing mobile CrossFit gym equipment, and training outdoors guarantees that everyone is able to constantly vary high intensity functional movements from inside-out and from owner, to coach, to athlete!