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Hold your jaw up! Welcome to Mobile Fitness Equipment’s innovatively designed & ultra light-weight TrailerFIT!! Weighing under 3500 lbs fully loaded, it can easily be towed by the smallest of vehicles, lowered to the ground and set-up in minutes. This all-in-one custom design, with user-friendly features make the TrailerFIT ideal for high volume use. The TrailerFIT can be set-up anywhere - outside or in and can be fully customized to suit your training needs.

trailer fit

The TrailerFIT+ allows you to purchase the unit with our Standard Equipment Package included or customize the trailer to suit your needs. The team at Mobile Fitness can assist you in customizing the TrailerFIT+ from the inside out. Whether it's adding your logo and color scheme, installing speakers and lights, or adding equipment you don't see in our standard list, just submit a request form and our design team will assist you with custom "add-on" feature ideas you might have.

trailer fit


Anyone can bring the gym anywhere with the same vehicle they take to the park, beach, athletic field or their favorite vacation spot. Whether it's your Jeep, SUV, or pick-up truck...the TrailerFIT attaches to any 2-5/16" ball for universal towing ability.


This unit utilizes (4) power-rack positions, (1) rear pull-up bar and enough interior storage to accommodate large group training with a variety of equipment for all types of programs (cross-training, power-lifting, sports-specific, lifestyle. etc.). Depending on your training programs and coaching style, the team at Mobile Fitness can fully customize the TrailerFIT to suit your training regiment & target audience.


Once the training spot has been designated, the fold-up tongue jack allows you to position the TrailerFIT with precision. After an easy manual lowering of the trailer, squat racks, HitchFITs, and pull-up bars are ready to use within minutes!

The TrailerFIT Standard (TF100) comes with...

  • (2) power racks
  • (2) Wall-mount Attachment Strips
  • (1) Retractable pull-up bar
  • Storage Compartments
    • Barbells
    • Medballs
    • Kettlebells
  • Optional Add-on Equipment Package**
    • Standard Equipment Package (TF200)
      • (2) Olympic Barbells
      • (2) 160lb Bumper Plate Sets
      • (2) Barbell Collars
      • (6) Kettlebells (25lb Pair, 35lb Pair, 45lb Pair)
      • (6) Medballs (10lb Set, 16lb Set, 20lb Set)
      • (2) TRX Units
      • (2) Gymnastics Ring Sets
      • (2) 10lb Steel Weight Plate Sets
      • (2) 5lb Steel Weight Plate Sets
      • (2) 15ft Climbing Ropes
  • Optional TrailerFIT Features**
    • Digital Marketing Packages
      • Hi-res custom renderings for website
      • Hi-res custom video annimations
    • Custom Logo & Vinyl Wraps
    • LED Lighting
    • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Custom Design Requests**
    • Our design team can assist you with innovative "add-on" feature ideas you might have
**Be sure to submit a form or call a Mobile Fitness representative to help you customize your TrailerFIT.