mobile fitness equipment



How do I get the Mobile Fitness Unit (MFU) in and out of a gym, around town, or set-up at events?

We offer a customized powered tilt deck trailer designed for use with any standard trailer hitch (towing capacity must be 8000+ lbs). This trailer allows you to transport and easily lower and deploy the Mobile Fitness Unit (MFU) virtually anywhere.

Does lowering the Mobile Fitness Unit (MFU) on location damage the surface?

Our Mobile Fitness Trailer comes with extremely tough plastic skids that are positioned on the surface where the MFU is placed. This provides a protective barrier to any surface. The MFU is then easily slid back onto the trailer.

Efficient Set-up

How long does it take to place the container on location and have it set-up and ready for training?

From MFU placement, to "3-2-1-GO" will take approximately 10 minutes.

Do I need be strong, have tools or be trained to set-up the MFU?

We've designed the MFU with efficiency and ease-of-set-up as our top priorities. The mechanical technology used in the MFU makes set-up so easy a 3rd grader could do it...with a stepping stool.

Can the unit be kept on a trailer while training?

No. The Mobile Fitness Trailers are not designed to accommodate using the MFU while it is still loaded. 


Can I train young kids or older folks with the MFU?

Absolutely. The breadth of workouts and training capabilities with the MFU are near endless. The MFU can be configured with a huge variety of training and gym equipment.

Can I use my own equipment in the MFU?

Yes, of course. The MFU 100T does not include any equipment. It is equipped with all of the racks, holders and apparatus which once your equipment is added makes it ready to get your training underway.

How many people can use the MFU at once?

The MFU can accommodate 20 people at any one time training together. The great thing about our MFU is that multiple MFU's can be linked together for larger group training.

Can I buy an MFU for my home, business or university?

Yes, of course. MFU's are used by home owners, local fire and police departments, corporations, professional athletes, gyms etc. Anyone can use and own an MFU, the possibilities are endless.

Which option is best for me?

Simply send us an email at or call us at 781-985-0402 and a knowledgable member of our team will help you decide what option best suits your training needs.


How durable is the MFU?

The MFU is manufactured with oversized solid steel components. The design took into consideration weather, environment, human brawn and mobility. Each MFU exceeds durability testing. The custom outer container is specifically designed to handle severe conditions including stacking, dropping, and extreme conditions.


Can I use my logo and what colors does the MFU come in?

The MFU can be can be delivered in any color you choose. Logos, graphics and paint schemes are all easily added to a custom MFU.

How do I confirm that my graphics and color are what I want before I receive my box?

Don't worry! We'll provide you with mock up images of your MFU with graphics and colors before it is built for you. You will have every opportunity to modify before giving final approval.

Can you use cardio equipment like bikes & rowers with the MFU?

As long as the equipment fits within our closed container, it can be implemented. Just send us the technical specs on the specific equipment you are interested in utilizing and we can let you know.


How much does an MFU cost?

The MFU is affordable, the price really depends on the model, equipment package and customization. Getting a quote is quick and easy, and our knowledgeable sales team can help explain all of the options and features.


Can you ship anywhere in the world?

Of course! We ship our MFU's throughout the entire world and are capable of supplying accurate shipping costs and time frames.

How soon can I get it?

Standard MFU's are in stock and ready to ship. The availability of customized MFU's depends on which options and how much customization needs to be performed.